Secrets, Naivete and Unexpected Realities

Dear Performers,

What is happening?

Is what happens what you really think is happening? Do you ever guess a simple thing is happening – but in reality it’s a more complex happening?

It happens.

Five is a number of uncertain transition toward a deeper understanding. I think the fifth open mic should be a time for us to reflect on our possible callowness in the face of great or mundane events.

Come be with us in just two short weeks from tonight. Together, dear performers, we may find the gift of a deeper humility in our art and perhaps some shocking revelations.

Open Mic at The Drake
Tuesday, September 13
Theme: Secrets, Naivete and Unexpected Realities

This Tuesday – Explore, Sojourn and Discover

Bonjour mes amis!

Où est passé le temps?

This Tuesday, Open Mic returns to the The Drake with a theme to inspire tales from your adventures.

Boscastle, Cornwall near Tintagel

Our fourth Open Mic at The Drake is this Tuesday, August 23rd – the fourth Tuesday in August. Explore, sojourn and discover is the theme as we approach the end of summer ramblings.

Decrees from Avalon

The TOR in Glastonbury…perhaps the location of fabled Avalon?

A reminder of our new format as has come to us from the Lady of the Lake:

  1. Stage time is 6PM to 10PM. Arrive by 5:30 to make the early set. If we don’t get to everyone by 10PM – sorry.
  2. Plan no more than 2 songs and possibly just one depending on attendance. The MC will let you know. 
  3. Keep it PG before 8PM – under 21 and anyone with strict bed time will be prioritized to the first set (see the MC)
  4. Sign Up order is not necessarily the order we will call you in – some acts may be prioritized
  5. Only 1 sign up list and 1 slot per performer/group (Sorry, no more performing in first set and second set)
  6. The Drake is a not-for-profit joint – consider leaving a donation at the door
  7. Be kind – give performers your attention & try to stay for the entire show
  8. Be generous to our sound man. Let the MC know any special requirements before you get called and be careful with the equipment
  9. Be kind to your bartenders – have a drink – leave a tip
  10. Hungry? Get some food and bring it back in – we like that
  11. Try new and different things. 
  12. Be open to new and different things.
Gros-Horloge – Rouen, France

We are but brief passengers here it seems. Let us share the time we have will our fellows and endeavor to create meaningful memories.

Orion and I look forward to being together with you again after this long break. Our hope is that you have sojourned in space or thought over this time and will share with us what that experience has allowed you to discover.

Surprises are sometimes just over the other side of the hill.

Rainbows near Versailles

See you on Tuesday!