Open Mic Coming June 14th

Greetings from the twisty hills of Hollywood!

Am I out here talking to agents and A&R types about all the excellent talent and tremendous potential packed into one little old happy valley open mic?

…well, am I? …Who knows?

But I do know this: our very first open mic was fantastic, unsurprisingly good and just a swell thing to do on a Tuesday night.

Get those riffs and rhythms in good working order for our next event on Tuesday, June 14th.

As a reminder, the under 21 show starts some time after 5PM and goes until 8PM. Our pal Orion will be there to lead you through. Let’s try to keep it PG if we can.

For those interested in a theme, I am thinking of “Vacation”, “Vacating”, “Departing”, “Time Out” and “Time Off” as a theme. Use it to inspire if you like and I will try the same.


Captain Jack