Open Mic – August 23rd

Explore, Sojourn and Discover

Salutations Friends,

New truths present themselves in the month of August. Our fourth Open Mic at The Drake will be August 23rd – the fourth Tuesday in August. Explore, sojourn and discover is the theme as we approach the end of summer ramblings.

A Capital Idea

We have all been simply delighted and inspired, but not surprised, by the many talented poets, guitarists, pianists, comedians and more who come out on a Tuesday night. Your hosts seek to increase opportunities for sharing and discovery. Thus we have compiled a list of 12 expectations for our performers. Stay with us a while longer to explore with these in mind:

  1. Stage time is 6PM to 10PM. Arrive by 5:30 to make the early set. If we don’t get to everyone by 10PM – sorry.
  2. Plan no more than 2 songs and possibly just one depending on attendance. The MC will let you know. 
  3. Keep it PG before 8PM – under 21 and anyone with strict bed time will be prioritized to the first set (see the MC)
  4. Sign Up order is not necessarily the order we will call you in – some acts may be prioritized
  5. Only 1 sign up list and 1 slot per performer/group (Sorry, no more performing in first set and second set)
  6. The Drake is a not-for-profit joint – consider leaving a donation at the door
  7. Be kind – give performers your attention & try to stay for the entire show
  8. Be generous to our sound man. Let the MC know any special requirements before you get called and be careful with the equipment
  9. Be kind to your bartenders – have a drink – leave a tip
  10. Hungry? Get some food and bring it back in – we like that
  11. Try new and different things. 
  12. Be open to new and different things.

Orion and I are having a fabulous time keeping this show alive. Our community is amazing, and we know there is so much more to come.

See you in August!