I remember first hearing about Agile Scrum way back in the olden days of 1999 at HighPoint systems. The lead developer for the “Web Store” was going on about a “backlog” and was generally very excited. I know Agile Scrum was at least 10 years old by 1999, but it was news to me at the time. Since then it has really crept its way in from the R&D and commercial software development world to the world of in-house corporate IT projects. It was funny this past weekend to see it mentioned on the HBO show Silicon Valley. They threw up a Scrum Board on the show, and I told my wife “I have one of those.”

Here’s a look at the Scrum Board we are using on my data migration project right now:

Scrum Board

Scrum Board

The key is to make sure things keep moving from left to right ;-). I know there’s software for Scrum Boards now days, but the tactile focal point of a real board and tape and markers…man you just can’t beat it.

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